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Sam Raimi Looks Back on 2007's 'Spider-Man 3'

Dec 31 2014

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Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel 1963-1998) #1

Cover Date: March 1963


Cert No: 0108951001 Verify

1st app of J. Jonah Jameson & Chameleon. 1st Fantastic Four crossover. Origin of Spider-Man retold. Stan Lee story. Steve Ditko cover & art. Where previous heroes had their origin stories based in spectacular events, dramatic twists, and high tragedy, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko firmly planted their flagship character's feet in the hard ground of daily life in the big city. Shy, insecure, lower-class teen, Peter Parker, drawn to scrawny imperfection by Ditko, transforms into a freakish, wise-cracking daredevil, tortured by guilt over the loss of his father figure, all while scrambling to make a quick buck from his sudden brush with semi-greatness. Spider-Man's first appearance in Amazing Fantasy 15 was like nothing anyone had seen before and was an instant success, leading to a hurriedly prepared solo debut issue. Note the use of the Fantastic Four on the cover as insurance, as their group exploits were Marvel's one real box-office draw at the time, and the hungry, ambitious Lee was taking no chances. One of the most important comics of the Silver Age, and the book that proved the Marvel Age of comics was no fluke.

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Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel 1963-1998) #136

Cover Date: September 1974

First appearance of Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin in "The Green
Goblin Lives Again." Script by Gerry Conway, pencils by Ross Andru, inks
by Frank Giacoia and Dave Hunt. John Romita Sr. cover.

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